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THURS 6/26 - Raise the Wage, Dane County Board 7PM

Support the Dane County Board vote to put a minimum wage referendum on the the November 2014 ballot.

Thursday, June 26

5PM Press Event
7PM County Board Meeting
City County Building (CCB), 210 MLK JR BLVD


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Federal Court Rules in Laborers 236 v. Scott Walker Case

We are still waiting on the Wisconsin state supreme court to make a ruling on Act 10 overall. The case in today's news is NOT an overall ruling on Act 10. It is a court case in the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals between Laborers Local 236, AFL-CIO v. Scott Walker.

Today, a panel of federal judges ruled that "Act 10 does not infringe on the rights of government workers." This is an unfavorable descision. 

The full briefing can be read online:

JSOnline article

Wisconsin State Journal article

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Although all of the correspondences and registrants the Monona Grove School Board heard from about privatizing bus drivers was in OPPOSITION minutes ago the board approved to contract out.

There was a long pause even to get a motion to approve and about 3 members voted yes by voice. MG School Board President, Susan Fox even said "there are always winners and losers," after the vote happened.

We are very disappointed by this action.

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Save a tree & download this month's edition of Local 60 News online. Read more >>>

Save a tree & download this month's edition of Local 60 News online.  Read more >>>

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In this month's membership newsletter we have updates about Madison School District, Oregon School District, Certification lists for Madison City employees, a farewell message from DJ Dixon, and a list of food we're collecting for the Thanksgiving Food Basket Drive. 

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Gretchen Lowe, longtime AFSCME Local 720 member, steward, and now retiree activist was honored for her lifetime of service at the Assembly Democratic Campaign Committee Dane County Women's Event on October 29, 2013.

We congratulate and celebrate Gretchen's tireless efforts and volunteer work!

Note to viewers: TURN UP your computer VOLUME so you can hear a tidbit of her speech after the music is done playing :)

10/3/13 UPDATE: 

The state Supreme Court will hear oral arguments next month in a case challenging the constitutionality of Act 10 (State’s appeal of Colas’ Decision).

Oral arguments in Madison Teachers Inc. v. Scott Walker will occur on November 11 @ 1:30 p.m.

See the Supreme Court schedule:


Published: Monday, Sept. 2, 2013 --- 7:45 p.m.

From fast food employees rallying for higher wages to the arrests of solidarity singers at the Capitol, workers' rights have taken center stage in Madison this summer.

That's part of the reason those at the Labor Temple's Labor Day festival say so many people came out to celebrate the state's hard workers.

Shelle provides an organizing update of events that happened the week of August 26-30, 2013: 

  • Sun Prairie Area School District approved contract & wage matrix
  • Madison Metro School District approved 2013-14 budget, includes a 1.5% wage increase for EA's, Food Service, and Security; 1% wage increase for all other staff. 
  • Middleton Cross Plains School District approves contract for Custodians. 
  • Oregon School Board is working on an employee Handbook 

Local 60 News is for AFSCME eyes only. 

Happy Labor Day everyone & thank you for all that you do. 

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Madison wins best-tasting water in Wisconsin! 

Madison Water Utility won a Blue Ribbon for Best-Tasting Water at the 2013 Wisconsin State Fair. 

Our AFSCME members who work at MWU will be reocgnized at the September 3, 2013 City of Madison Common Council meeting for their great work! 

Congrats MWU employees! 

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See attached PDF of our July news which includes information about our upcoming Memebers Only Mallards Outing in July. Details inside! 

Local 60 has stepped up by giving to the scholarship fund for the Youth programs at the East, West and Sun Prairie YMCAs. Read more >>>

2/11/13: Garrity Rights Training on March 2

Sign up to attend an informative training about public employees garrity rights by emailing or by RSVPing to the facebook event. 

More details posted on our calendar of events. 

February is packed with fun union activities including, but not limited to:  PEOPLE Candidate interviews on two nights, voting in the Primary election, Movie Night & the Union meeting on the 26th!  Read more >>>

“It’s a vicious cycle: as unions decline, fewer people see their fates as bound up with unions, which just accelerates the decline.” This is a tragedy when you consider two facts.

First, “when unions are stronger the economy as a whole does better…and unions lift wages for non-union members too by creating a higher prevailing wage.”

It’s ironic that the very corporate leaders who are so against workers organizing have spent billions organizing themselves to rig policy in order to inhibit union growth.

1/18/13: Breaking news: Appeals court reverses federal judge's decision, upholds collective bargaining law in its entirety

Update: Federal appeals court rules collective bargaining law is constitutional

Gov. Scott Walker released a statement calling the ruling "a victory for Wisconsin taxpayers."

Read more & more here. 

Here is the link to the entire decsion 

The 7th Circuit Court (today's decision) found Act 10 to be constitutional in its entirety.That means the Act’s prohibition of bargaining over all subjects other than total base wages continues to constitutional under the Federal Constitution. It means that the prohibition of payroll deduction for the purpose of collecting union dues is once again lawful under the Federal Constitution. It means that the Act’s requirement of annual recertification elections is lawful under the Federal Constitution.

However, Judge Colas’ decision remains in full force and effect.

Before our monthly union meeting (the same night) we are showing a documentary film, "At the River I Stand."

RSVP to the event here:

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Considering the recall outcome and statewide elections along with legislation in Michigan, I've wanted to look back over the year and celebrate the things to which I can be thankful.  Here is a list of ten

 Welcome 2013! 

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This month's edition includes:


  • Calendar of events including details for the Holiday Party
  • Update on Insourcing City of Madison Golf 
  • Holiday Collection Drive - help those less fortunate 
  • Report on Local 412: Beloit Bus Drivers Union 
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The Wednesday before Thanksgiving (11/21/12) John Sylvester, known as "Sly", was laid off by Mid-West Family Broadcasting along with members of the WTDY news staff including Lindsay Adjavor, Amy Barrilleaux, Dylan Brogan, Crystal McKenzie, Shawn Prebil and Deanna Wright.

We're fans of Madison radio host John 'Sly' Sylvester who want 92.1 the Mic to get him back on the air as soon as possible.

Like the facebook page:

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 Check out the electronic verison of the November News! 

This month's edition includes:

  • Updates from the City of Middleton, Sun Prairie Area School District & Oregon School District 
  • "Why I'm a Union Member" by a Monona Grove School District Local 60 Member
  • Calendar of events including details for the Holiday Party 


 This month's edition includes...

  • Act 10 Update  
  • Executive Board Meetings @ 6pm 
  • Advanced Steward Training on disciplinary appeals Oct 11 & 18.  Email DJ to sign up.


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WKOW 27: Madison, WI Breaking News, Weather and Sports
WKOW 27 News


 This month's edition includes...


  • An Important Message to City of Madison Workers regarding Handbooks
  • Opportunities to participate in an Internal Organizing Training (*free* for members who sign up by 8/28, contact
  • Fascinating facts about Wisconsin's Labor history
  • LaborFest event information
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 Dane County Municipal Employees Union contributes $500 to Palermo Workers Union 

Join Us for a National Day of Action
Saturday, August 25, Noon to 1:30 pm
Costco, 2150 Deming Way in Middleton

<More details on our calendar>

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This month's edition includes:


  • helpful information about base wages,
  • welcomes two new Vice Presidents Deena Brazy & John Martinson,
  • and provides members with information about the upcoming August 14th primary elections. 
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 This video covers the City of Madison finances projected into the upcoming budget cycle and is important for members to be aware of.


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Public service worker Tim Birkley travels to New York City from his hometown of Madison, Wisconsin. He explores the connection between the February occupation of his capitol by thousands of teachers, students, and state workers to the occupations happening around the country and around the world.

WE ARE WISCONSIN! from Amie Williams on Vimeo.

We Are WI Trailor

On March 9th, precceded by a 6PM candelight vigil at the capital, at 7PM there’s a special sneak preview screening of the independent film WE ARE WISCONSIN at the Orpheum Theater in Madison.Tickets for the event are $20 and you can order them here. Watch the trailor embedded in this article! For those members who have registered for AFSCME’s Tri-Council Political Action Conference March 9-11 at The Edgewater Hotel in Madison addmission is included. For more info on the Tri-Council conference click here.

March 10th at 2pm there will be a mass rally at the Capital. Please attend and celebrate at this "Reclaim Wisconsin Rally", for shuttle bus and other info please click here.

Tuesday March 20th is Local 60's general membership meeting at 6:30PM, at the Labor Temple 1602 S. Park street. This month the 2012 budget will be voted on, conference attendence solidified, gearing up for spring elections, and more. We need your voice and vote, members please attend, YOU are the union!

This is the first full issue of Local 60's News Letter online. Members will continue to recieve paper copies by mail. The September isuue includes our first attemts at revamping our newsletter with new contributers and content. The online version also includes links for additional info. To access the online PDF newsletter click Read more >>>

As an American expat who holds an MBA degree in marketing, even I know that the purpose of the plutocracy's American corporatist media is not to inform you, it is rather to sell commercial advertising space.
  This diary will show you what it is that mainstream news outlets in the European Union
say about the American dream and you will definitely be shocked, should you dare to read on.... You will see a record of sorrow wherein though American workers work more days than their European counterparts, they are in a system of legalized theft prevented by the plutocracy from being able to fully participate in the very wealth that they themselves have created through their own hard labor, and that this is in fact in sharp contrast to their counterparts in every country in the European Union, whose population is larger than that of the US, whose economy is larger than that of the US, and whose currency the Euro rivals the US dollar. Read more >>>

A Harvard study finds the decline of unions in the United States over the last 40 years is a direct causation for declining wages and growing wage inequality for all U.S. citizens.

“In the early 1970s, when one in three male workers were organized, unions were often prominent voices for equity, not just for their members, but for all workers,” the two professors wrote. “Union decline marks an erosion of the moral economy and its underlying distributional norms. Wage inequality in the nonunion sector increased as a result.”

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FROM THE NATION: "Founded in 1973 by Paul Weyrich and other conservative activists frustrated by recent electoral setbacks, ALEC is a critical arm of the right-wing network of policy shops that, with infusions of corporate cash, has evolved to shape American politics. Inspired by Milton Friedman’s call for conservatives to “develop alternatives to existing policies [and] keep them alive and available,” ALEC’s model legislation reflects long-term goals: downsizing government, removing regulations on corporations and making it harder to hold the economically and politically powerful to account. Corporate donors retain veto power over the language, which is developed by the secretive task forces. The task forces cover issues from education to health policy. ALEC’s priorities for the 2011 session included bills to privatize education, break unions, deregulate major industries, pass voter ID laws and more. In states across the country they succeeded, with stacks of new laws signed by GOP governors like Ohio’s John Kasich and Wisconsin’s Scott Walker, both ALEC alums." For the FULL article CLICK HERE!

Maddow Calls Add Against Luther Olsen "Best of the Year"

On July 6th, 2011, AFSCME Local 60, Laborers 236, and Jamie O'Brien, filed a lawsuit with the United States District Court for the Western District of Wisconsin, asking that the court declares " Wisconsin Act 10 to be in degrogation of the freedom and liberty secured to all persons at the Ist and XIV Amendments to the United States Constitution (equal protection), and void; that the District Court permanently enjoin the implementation of 2011 Wisconsin Act 10...". Governor Scott Walker, and James R. Scott, Judith Neumann and Rodney G. Pasch of the Wisconsin Employment Relations Commission, are named as Defendants. To access the official complaint, related articles, and updated info CLICK HERE.....

FROM REBUILD THE DREAM:  Overshadowed (with some justification) by other momentous news from New York last night, we have some good news from Manhattan. After a lengthy negotiation process, which included constant pressure from protestors, Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s office reached a deal with unions and opponents on the City Council to avert most of the promised cuts and layoffs. Teacher layoffs were avoided altogether, and no fire companies were closed. Services for elderly avoided almost all cuts, and HIV/AIDS housing funds were restored.

The deal is tentative, however, and not all jobs were preserved. 2,600 teacher positions open due to attrition will be left unfilled. And the City Council still has to vote on the deal before Thursday before it can actually go into effect.

Still, without constant public pressure and the courage and commitment of thousands of New Yorkers who rallied against the proposed Bloomberg cuts, thousands of jobs and hundreds of millions of dollars of essential services for the most vulnerable New Yorkers would have been long gone. The victory is also a fitting coda for Walkerville, which perhaps didn’t have the same immediate success in stopping WI Gov. Scott Walker’s extreme budget, but ultimately inspired New Yorkers in their own successful effort.

By John Nichols, The Nation---If it is wrong for Republicans to fuel their campaigns with corporate cash, then it is wrong for Democrats to do so.That was the no-hold-barred message that Russ Feingold brought to Netroots Nation.

“Sometimes we have to be very direct with the Democratic Party itself,” the former senator from Wisconsin told the thousands of bloggers, thinkers and activists who packed the great hall at the Minneapolis Convention Center. “I fear the Democratic Party is in danger of losing its identity.”

Feingold was talking about the decision by some Democrats that the party must form so-called “super-PACS” – political action committees that use corporate money in much the same way that Republicans have. READ MORE....


This is a great explaination about whats really going on with the economy in a little over two minutes by political economist Robert Reich. Check it out and share it!

When Mahlon Mitchell, the first African-American president of the Professional Fire Fighters of Wisconsin, took the microphone on the steps of the Capitol, he evoked the civil rights movement to call on the crowd to steel its resolve.
That movement transformed U.S. society, but perhaps, Mitchell said, its leaders grew complacent. “They stopped taking it to the streets. They stopped doing what we’re doing right now. I think maybe they lost their sense of moral outrage. We have to reclaim our sense of moral outrage, we have to reclaim our righteous indignation, because this is our time and we are in the fight of our lifetime,” Mitchell exhorted the crowd. “This is our time!” he declared to the loudest cheers of the day. READ MORE....

The transition of the Overture from a public good to a taxpayer subsidized "private, non profit" is off to a rocky start with missed, agreed upon, deadlines, and internal cost estimates to provide services such as IT coming in at a much higher rate then when provided by pubic employee's. Residents of Madison are expected to give $2million a year to subsidize the Overture while the City faces a $28 million dollar deficit for the 2012 budget. Acording to this article no one klnows who exactly owns the place, but what is clear is that those charged with making decsisions come from big money interest such as the financial sector, big banks, news paper publishers, private investors and realitors, like Lincoln Financial, Johnson Bank, Cross Plains Bank Holding CO., First Weber Reality, Wisconsin State Journal and Isthmus. Big Banks, the Realestate shell game and Wall Street investors with the aid of a complacent media drove our economy into the ground, had the American taxpayer to bail them out, cut themselves heafty bonouses and made us pay for those by laying us off, cutting public services, and through paycuts. Why when City services such as Streets, Parks, Community Services, and garbage collection are under threat of diminished services due to a $28 mil budget shortfall, and employee's who provide these services are taking paycuts and under the threat of furlough and layoffs, are City officials intent on using taxpayer dollars to subsidize a model molded by the same people that caused the Overtures financial woes and resembles the same practices that ran our country into its current economic state? For the article CLICK HERE!

Last November the City decided tp transfer over ownership and management of the Overture to private "non profit" entities to ensure "financial stability"? Every deadline has been missed thus far according to the Common Council resolution and cost estimates for private services are already coming in astronomically higher than if it stayed a public entity. To read more CLICK HERE!

The issue - unhappiness about a reduction in personal planning time in exchange for school-wide staff development in the new teacher contract - mobilized the kind of teacher turnout not seen at board meetings since the mid-1990s when labor strife was more common. Teachers reminded the board that planning time was a key issue during a 1976 strike, which Matthews helped organize. "They're ready," Matthews said afterward, "to do whatever it takes." READ MORE!

By John Nichols, The Nation

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, a political careerist who has never taken one elected office without beginning to position himself to run for the next, made a wild play for the national stage just weeks after being sworn in last winter as a Republican governor with Republican majorities in both chambers of the Wisconsin legislature. Using a supposedly minor “budget repair bill” as his vehicle, Walker proposed to scrap most collective bargaining rights for state, county and municipal employees and teachers, to radically restructure state government to concentrate power in the governor’s office and to use that power to limit access to healthcare for working families and seniors while bartering off public assets in no-bid deals with favored corporations READ MORE!.

A Dane County judge has struck down Gov. Scott Walker's legislation repealing most collective bargaining for public employees. To Read More CLICK HERE!

The Post-Wisconsin Game Plan

By John Nichols of The Nation: Mary Kay Henry had just spent a day talking with many of the thousands of Wisconsinites who had packed the State Capitol in Madison for the February protests against Republican Governor Scott Walker’s proposals to scrap collective bargaining rights and slash funding for public education and services. “It’s inspiring, so inspiring, but we have to pay attention to what’s happening here,” she said, in a calm, thoughtful voice. “We’ve got to take this national, and we’ve got to keep the spirit, the energy. We’ve got to do it right.” For The Full Article CLICK HERE!

Mayor Soglin names new staff members

Mayor Paul Soglin on Wednesday continued to build his staff, naming Astra Miriaku Iheukumere and Katie Crawley as assistants and Nicholas Zavos as government relations officer.

Iheukumere has held positions at the state departments of Revenue and Health. Crawley was an aide to former U.S. Sen. Russ Feingold and a former radio reporter and anchor in Madison. Zavos worked as a staff attorney for the Wisconsin Legislative Council. (For Full Artticle CLICK HERE)

A must see comprehensive analysis authored by the non-partisan Institute for One Wisconsin shows that despite claims from Gov. Scott Walker, Wisconsin is not "broke." The Institute's research contradicts Gov. Walker's assertion, pointing out Wisconsin has plenty of overall wealth - but this wealth has shifted to those at the top of the income ladder, while Wisconsin's tax structure is built around the middle class. (For the Complete article and the MUST SEE STUDY CLICK HERE!)

This afternoon, the People's Rights Campaign, a coalition of labor and community organizations, organized a community action on Madison's Capitol Square. Activists scrounged for their last pennies and taped them to "deposit slips" so that they could be deposited directly into the accounts of the CEOs of M&I Bank, Bank of America and JPMorgan Chase Bank. (to read more and for the "Reverse Robin Hood Flyer", CLICK HERE)

Maddow asks Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz to comment some of labors feeling of dissapointment with the Democratic parties defense of labor. AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka's said, "You'll see us giving less to party structure, and more to our own structure,". Also Firefighters union president Harold Schaitberger told Rachel Maddow on MSNBC. "Our friends have not found a way to deliver on behalf of workers, on behalf of the middle class. We are turning the spigot off and redirecting our efforts out to the various states where we are fighting these fights." For video CLICK HERE! Check out the article right below!

Learning the Fitzwalkerstan Way: Wisconsin's Walker Pushes Privatization of Education

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker continues to court national support for an extreme agenda of attacking public employees and public services while diminishing local democracy and shifting public money to private political allies. Despite the fact that Walker’s moves have been widely condemned in his home state, the hyper-ambitious career politician has repeatedly suggested that he will not moderate his positions because he wants to shift the tenor of politics and policymaking far beyond Wisconsin.CLICK HERE!

By Joseph E. Stiglitz - -  It’s no use pretending that what has obviously happened has not in fact happened. The upper 1 percent of Americans are now taking in nearly a quarter of the nation’s income every year. In terms of wealth rather than income, the top 1 percent control 40 percent. Their lot in life has improved considerably. Twenty-five years ago, the corresponding figures were 12 percent and 33 percent. One response might be to celebrate the ingenuity and drive that brought good fortune to these people, and to contend that a rising tide lifts all boats. That response would be misguided. While the top 1 percent have seen their incomes rise 18 percent over the past decade, those in the middle have actually seen their incomes fall. READ MORE CLICK HERE!

Walker rescinds layoff notices to state prosecutors

In the month-long stare down over state prosecutor budgets, Gov. Scott Walker blinked Friday.

Walker announced he had ordered layoff notices to approximately 350 assistant district attorneys be rescinded. The layoffs were to take effect Sunday. To Read More CLICK HERE

War On Working Families

Budget "Despair Bill" Protest 2

Over drinks at a bar on a dreary, snowy night in Washington this past month, a former Senate investigator laughed as he polished off his beer.

"Everything's %4cked up, and nobody goes to jail," he said. "That's your whole story right there. Hell, you don't even have to write the rest of it. Just write that." For more of Rolling Stone's Matt Taibbi and his article CLICK HERE.

Win the Water cooler wars! Check out our News section for local news, statistics, charts and other usefull info! Where is all the money? Check out these statistics from the article "Its the Inequality Stupid!".

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