AFSCME Local 60 - Municipal & School District Employees of Dane County

Council 40 Committees

PEOPLE is AFSCME’s legislative and political action program. PEOPLE stands for Public Employees Organized to Promote Legislative Equality.

Politics affects all Council 40 members and their families. It affects our jobs, our contracts, our wages, and our working conditions.

Congress determines:
· Basic labor standards, such as minimum wage and overtime pay requirements;
· Federal aid to state and local governments;
· Social Security and Medicare benefits.

The Legislature determines: 
· The strength of the state’s public employee collective bargaining law;
· Wisconsin Retirement System benefits;
· Worker’s and Unemployment Compensation, and Family & Medical Leave Act benefits;
· Formulas for funding local programs such as transportation, courts, nursing homes, schools, and dozens of other programs that employ Council 40 members.

Local elected officials determine: 
· What services the local unit of government will provide;
· The collective bargaining agreement that sets your wages, hours, and conditions of employment.

That’s why PEOPLE matters!  (click here for more)








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