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Welcome to the official website of AFSCME Local 60. We are municipal and school district employees working in Dane county.  

You are apart of a diverse, powerful organization fueled by its members.

Local 60 is just that – Local. We are working with you here on the ground in Dane county. 

A strong union is better able to protect workers’ rights, fight for workplace improvements, and quality of life on the job.


Steve K of the School District clears the sidewalk and parking lot at Sherman Middle School on 12.27.13. 


Thanks to all our members who work while the kids enjoy their time off!

Former long time member Kathleen Rideout’s father has been in Meriter since early April with numerous health issues that require Kathleen and her mom to be there most of the day and many overnights.

As a gesture of good and welfare Local 60 would like to provide a weekly meal for Kathleen’s family. This could be something that can be simply heated up in a microwave at the hospital. (Examples: a pan of lasagna or casserole, etc.)

Food Allergies: seafood.

Meals can be delivered to Walt Jackson at the CCB, Police GR-21 anytime on Tuesdays from 8:00am-4:30pm.

Sign up to make a meal:
Call Walt 261-9264 or email him

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This is a perfect job for the retiree or someone looking to work just a few hours a day. 


  • Work with great kids and families
  • Serve your community
  • Work part-time Monday-Friday
  • No evening or holiday work
  • Summers and school breaks off
  • $14.68 - $17.32 /hour, approx. 10-14 hours per week (morning and afternoon shift)


PEOPLE Committee



PEOPLE stands for Public Employees Organized to Promote Legislative Equality and is our union’s Political Action Committee (PAC).

By participating in PEOPLE, you can play a part in electing worker-friendly bosses. To join you can request a payroll deduction (if your contract permits) or you can make your contribution to PEOPLE by cash, check or charge. By making a commitment to focusing on local elections, Local 60 will be targeting specific races and push for worker-friendly local elected officials. Like all aspects of our union, PEOPLE is nothing without our members.

MEMBERS: DJ Dixon, Lori Kief, 

Nominations Committee

MEMBERS: Robert Bongard, Al Johnson, and Rob Larson.

Constitution Committee

The Constitution Committee disscusses and votes on amendments to Local 60's constitution.

MEMBERS: Tim Birkley, Tom Campbell, Don Coyier, Walt Jackson, Steve Konicek, Rick Marx, and Kathleen Rideout.

Foreward Committee

 MEMBER: Walt Jackson 

Newsletter Committee

MEMBERS: Tim Birkley, Richard Nelson, and Ben Ratliffe

Elections Committee

MEMBERS: Rob Larson, Rick Marx and John Rosal Jr.

Good & Welfare Committee

 MEMBERS: Joe Seifert & Susan Patterson

Community Services Committees

Local 60 is committed to helping stenghthen our communities through volunteerism and financial giving. As municiple employees Local 60 knows that what makes Dane county a great is the tireless volunteer work being done daily by many individuals and groups. The Communications Committee is charged with disscussing and recommending how best Local 60 can help make our communities stronger.

MEMBERS: Cheryll Gray, Lori Kief, Richard Nelson, and Margo Simpson. 

Local 60 uses Parliamentary Procedure based on Roberts Rules of Order which refers to the rules of democracy—that is, the commonly accepted way in which a group of people come together, present and discuss possible courses of action, and make decisions. By clicking ROBERTS RULES above you will find links to sites which give the basics of these rules and where to purchase your own updated copy.

The Constitution is reviewed regularly by the Constitution Committee made up of 7 Executive Board members. Amendments are voted on in committee, then by the Executive Board, and then approved or denied by the International. Click Local 60 Constitution above for a PDF version of the constitution.

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