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We are weeks into the historic recall of Scott Walker, the first step to restoring our rights in Wisconsin. We have successfully gathered hundreds of thousands of signatures from every corner of our state. We still have hundreds of thousands of signatures to still collect to realize the recall of one of the most polarizing and divisive politicians this state and country has ever seen. Walker attacked and pillaged our rights to collectively bargain, our public schools, the safety nets for the least fortunate in our communities, all for the benefit of the millionaires and billionaires who fund his campaigns. His time as Governor will be brief if we keep the pressure on and the peddle to the floor. Don't stop fighting back, keep collecting!

To find RECALL offices in your area click here for Democratic Party of Wisconsin locations, and for United Wisconsin Offices click here!

To download a petition to sign and circulate CLICK HERE. Local 60 members please remember to report the number of petitions you collect to your steward or staff rep. Please all make sure you turn in your petitions to an official location (which are the office links above) or your shop steward or staff rep. Take them home and give your family and friends an opportunity to sign!

To Volunteer CLICK HERE!


For important facts about Scott Walker and the damage he has down to our state in such a short period of time, and why he must be RECALLED, CLICK HERE!

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