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Future ownership of Overture Center no longer clear

The transition of the Overture from a public good to a taxpayer subsidized "private, non profit" is off to a rocky start with missed, agreed upon, deadlines, and internal cost estimates to provide services such as IT coming in at a much higher rate then when provided by pubic employee's. Residents of Madison are expected to give $2million a year to subsidize the Overture while the City faces a $28 million dollar deficit for the 2012 budget. Acording to this article no one klnows who exactly owns the place, but what is clear is that those charged with making decsisions come from big money interest such as the financial sector, big banks, news paper publishers, private investors and realitors, like Lincoln Financial, Johnson Bank, Cross Plains Bank Holding CO., First Weber Reality, Wisconsin State Journal and Isthmus. Big Banks, the realestate shell game and Wall Street investors with the aid of a complacent media drove our economy into the ground, had the American taxpayer to bail them out, cut themselves heafty bonouses and made us pay for those by laying us off, cutting public services, and through paycuts. Why when City services such as Streets, Parks, Community Services, and garbage collection are under threat of diminished services due to a $28 mil budget shortfall, and employee's who provide these services are taking paycuts and under the threat of furlough and layoffs, are City officials intent on using taxpayer dollars to subsidize a model molded by the same people that caused the Overtures financial woes and resembles the same practices that ran our country into its current economic state? For the article CLICK HERE!

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