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From: Neil Rainford
Sent: Monday, April 03, 2017 11:14 AM
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Subject: Request for Support to Retain Existing 3-HMO Health Plan, Current Benefits, and Current Premium Contributions

To: Members of the Board of Education
Superintendent Cheatham

Dear Members of the Board of Education and Superintendent Cheatham:

As you may be aware, representatives from AFSCME and MTI have been meeting with Mike Barry, Rachelle Hady and Deirdre Hargrove-Krieghoff over the past couple of months to discuss health insurance premiums and potential changes to health insurance benefits. We appreciate the District’s commitment to include employee representatives in these discussions as we work to mutually identify the best available options for the District and its employees. As a result of these discussions, we understand that the Board will be asked to consider a number of other possible health insurance approaches.

We are writing to ask for your support in retaining the existing 3-HMO health plan option, at the current benefit levels, and at the current employee premium contribution levels.

Our employee leaders have carefully considered these options and believe this is the best approach to MMSD health care in the coming year for the following reasons:

· District employees value their current medical providers available from their current HMO;
· District employees value a choice of health offerings (Dean, Unity and GHC);
· District employees have already experienced numerous changes in health insurance carriers (WPS to Physicians Plus to Dean/Unity/GHC) and value stability;
· The 12% employee premium contribution, like the proposed increase in school funding, is a proposal which may or may not be adopted and the District should make no changes based on these variables until they are resolved;
· Increasing employee premium share will unfairly place the largest relative burden on the lowest-paid employees and those with the fewest hours of work who are already the most economically challenged;
· Increasing Rx drug and office-visit costs will also unfairly place the largest relative burden on the lowest paid employees with the fewest hours of work who are already the most economically challenged;
· Shifting the burden of any and all annual health insurance cost increases every single year to employees through out-of-pocket increases is unnecessary, at odds with other area public employers, and will make it impossible for the District to attract and retain a high-quality, skilled work force.

Thank you for considering the employees’ voice when making these vital decisions.


Neil Rainford
Capitol District AFSCME Representative for MMSD Employees’ Association Local 60
(608) 212 – 2296


Please plan on attending April 17th BOE meeting where they'll vote on this. Wear green! If you can't make it, or in addition, write your support directly to the Board at

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