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The fight continues. The recalls are moving forward with the petitions against five republicans now being verified. The recount for the Supreme Court race is now underway and with Kloppenburg receiving so many votes, we know when it comes time to recall Mr. Walker, we will be able to collect more than enough signatures to make a new election happen. Not that we were worried about that.

We had a very successful Council 40 convention in April. Tim Birkley received the “New Activist of the Year Award.” Way to go Tim! Thanks to all of you other activists who have taken part in all the events and helped in all of the supporting activities like phone banking and leafleting. Also thanks to you, Local 60 won the “Local of the Year” award given by AFSCME Council 40. Congratulations everyone.

At the convention, Local 60 was recognized for our 75th anniversary. When you come to our next meeting on May 17th, all of our awards will be on display for your viewing pleasure.
This was an election year at the convention. Thanks to the great job all of our leaders have done; they have all been re-elected. President is Jim Garrity, Vice President is Christine Kistner and Treasurer is Diane Schmahl.
For whatever selfish reason he had, Joe Siefert stepped down from being an Executive Board member of Council 40. But luckily, we have Lori Kief who was elected to the Executive Board for District 1. Thank you Joe for all the time and energy you put into being a member. Thank you to Lori for taking on this tough job.

The delegates at the convention helped guide changes to Council 40. The Council is making many changes to the way our union will be operating as an organization. Four representatives who are retiring are not being replaced. There will also be other staff reductions which will mean that Local 60 will also need to make some changes. We will need to learn to be able to do more on our own.

Each of our bargaining units will need to be more active on their own by going to their own council meetings, or to School Board or Library Board meetings. We will need to foster relationships with our elected officials so that they will be comfortable with contacting us directly instead of just relying on what management is telling them.
Council 40 will continue to provide us with quality representation. The Council helps us as public employees by being on top of issues that affect our workplaces; whether it is a local election or a state issue or a nation-wide challenge pertaining to programs and policies that affect all union members. We will continue to stand together. Remember, there is strength in numbers.

Local 60 will need to find a way to keep up with current events and keep our members informed about what’s going on. One of the most important things we are focusing on right now is the development of our own website, One of the things that recent events have pointed out to us is the need to improve our communication with our members. In order to do this, we need everyone’s phone number and email address so that important information can be shared with everyone in the quickest and most efficient way possible. With over 2500 Local 60 members, this is a big job and can’t be done without your help.

Included in this issue of the newsletter is a form for you to fill out for your work location and get back to us ASAP. We need 100% participation. You can either fill it out as a group or return it individually. This information is for Local 60’s use only and will not be shared with non-AFSCME people. Please participate in this. This is our highest priority.
Please stay active and go to the Local 60 website or website for information on how to stay involved.

Solidarity!                                                                                                                                                                    Don Coyier

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