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Support Striking Machinists at Manitowoc Cranes

Since Nov. 15, nearly 200 Machinists have been out on strike at Manitowoc Cranes. At issue is not wages or benefits but the fundamental right to a union.

Executives at Manitowoc Cranes have taken a page from Scott Walker’s Union-Busting Hand Book. At the last minute, the company slipped union-busting language, similar to Gov. Walker’s bill, into the contract.

Workers at Manitowoc Cranes voted overwhelming (180-2) to reject the union-busting proposal in the contract.

Click here to sign the petition in support of workers at Manitowoc Cranes. Both Machinists on strike and the company need to know that the Wisconsin labor movement and its supporters stand with the workers.

As we head into this holiday season, Machinists at Manitowoc Cranes are taking a stand for the middle class. They are taking action and providing an essential check on corporate power and corporate greed in order to bring justice to the workplace.

Workers at Manitowoc Cranes are fighting for all working people and the entire middle class. Without unions, who will continue to fight for good American jobs? Who will insist companies pay workers a living wage? Add your name to the petition to support the striking workers.


Machinists at Manitowoc Cranes manufacture a wide variety of cranes which have been utilized to build power plants, sports stadiums, hospitals and infrastructure throughout the United States and overseas. The World Trade Center was built with a crane manufactured in Manitowoc and the Christmas tree in Rockefeller Center was put up using cranes built at Manitowoc Cranes.

There will be a solidarity rally in support of striking Machinists on Saturday, December 10 at 1:00 pm in Manitowoc. For more information and updates, and to donate to the strike fund, please check out Machinists Local 516's website and the AFL-CIO.

SCFL will be collecting non perishable food and household products. Please drop off donations at 1602 S. Park St., room 228, and see attached PDF for more info.


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