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Street & Highway Workers Newsletter and Web Site

Now available is the first ever Street & Highway Newsletter. This is a new way for our members to communicate with each other and share ongoing challenges as well as hard-won victories. We need to work smarter and we need to work together. Located in the newsletter is a link for a survey. The Street & Highway Advisory Committee would like to ask any represented member to fill out this online survey. The survey will hopefully give the committee a better idea of what members are looking for from Council 40.

The next step of our communication initiative is to establish a Street & Highway website. The website will be the "hub" between the Council 40 Street & Highway Advisory Committee and the represented members. The goal of the website will be easy navigation combined with information Street & Highway units need to know. Input from members on what kinds of things they would like to see on a website will be greatly appreciated.

Here's the Web Address:

Thanks go to the Street & Highway Workers Advisory Committee, and especially Committee Chair Dan Bemowski, for getting the newsletter and website off the ground.

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