AFSCME Local 60 - Municipal & School District Employees of Dane County

Sisters and Brothers in the Schools

 Sisters and Brothers,
It's a crazy time to work for school districts in this country. Too many school shootings and everyone passing the blame about security/securing our buildings and safety procedures that probably wouldn't even prevent one of these terrible events from happening when someone has gotten to the point to commit such a heinous crime such as violence against innocent children and school staff. Even scarier, the fact that there's even an argument against or even any resistance at all that we need to fix the healthcare issues that are stopping, delaying or blocking someone from getting the mental health treatment that could prevent a mass shooting in OUR schools.
To think that more than once the person to confront these assailants have been custodians and we've had minimal training in the code red procedures!! We will continue to try and help devise a plan that will ensure the safety of our students and staff. We Will also work on getting more training for our staff so that we too can hopefully go home to our family's if a shooting ever took place in our schools! A Huge shout out to our members!! Thank you for taking pride in your job!!

In Solidarity,


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