AFSCME Local 60 - Municipal & School District Employees of Dane County


August 11th, 2011


I hope everyone’s summer is going well. Local 60 is continuing to meet and work with a coalition of other unions on issues that affect us all. Right now the focus is the City of Madison budget. We are having members attend the community open meetings that deal with different aspects of the budget. The city is asking for public input and our members are obliging. If you can attend one of these meetings, please do so.

Local 60 has also started a new committee of VPs to try to develop more effective ways to address the new and changing needs of our members. If you are a vice president, please go to for meeting dates. Your help and input are needed.

The scholarship drawing will be at our August 16th meeting. The meeting starts at 6:30 PM. Applications will be accepted up until we do the drawing. If you already sent in your application for the July meeting, you do not need to reapply. If your application is in more than once you will be disqualified. We will be drawing for one current member and two current members’ children.

We are making plans for a Labor Day rally at the City/County Building on Martin Luther King Jr. Dr. Final plans are not set yet, so please check our website at for updates. Please bring your signs and family along and try to wear your green shirts. It will probably start around 11:00 AM and then everyone is invited to the Labor Temple for the annual festivities in honor of Labor Day.

Solidarity!                                                                                                                                                                    Don Coyier


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