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Death of Americas Empire: 45 million on Food Stamps, 6 million no Sick Leave

As an American expat who holds an MBA degree in marketing, even I know that the purpose of the plutocracy's American corporatist media is not to inform you, it is rather to sell commercial advertising space.
   This diary will show you what it is that mainstream news outlets in the European Union
say about the American dream and you will definitely be shocked, should you dare to read on.... You will see a record of sorrow wherein though American workers work more days than their European counterparts, they are in a system of legalized theft prevented by the plutocracy from being able to fully participate in the very wealth that they themselves have created through their own hard labor, and that this is in fact in sharp contrast to their counterparts in every country in the European Union, whose population is larger than that of the US, whose economy is larger than that of the US, and whose currency the Euro rivals the US dollar. READ MORE!!

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