AFSCME Local 60 - Municipal & School District Employees of Dane County


New AFSCME campaign will grow the union by 50,000 members before the 2014 Convention in July. Read more >>>

Welcome to the official website of AFSCME Local 60. We are municipal and school district employees working in Dane county.  As a member of Local 60, you are welcome to visit this site often for up-to-date information and news concerning your local union.

You are apart of a diverse, powerful organization fueled by its members. Local 60 is just that – Local. We are working with you here on the ground in Dane county. 

Your union focuses on issues that impact our daily lives and jobs. We attend local City Council, School Board and County Board meetings wearing our green AFSCME shirts proudly. When we attend these meetings and register our support or opposition to legislative proposals we show our strength in numbers. We’ve got your back – and so do the 2,500 of your fellow Local 60 members.

A strong union is better able to protect workers’ rights, fight for workplace improvements, and quality of life on the job.

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Library Workers Week - April 14 - 19, 2014

AFSCME Blog: The Library - Our Forgotten Pleasure

"Imagine a building with hundreds upon thousands of books, row after row of desks for work and study, and computers linked to dependable, high-speed internet connecting rural and urban communities across the world. Imagine if this building was funded by local communities, committed to the betterment of the common good, open to anyone and everyone who wants to learn. Sounds wonderful. Sounds important. Sounds like a library."

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April Union Meeting - Nominations for International Convention

Join us at the monthly Union meeting on April 22!


All members are eligible to be nominated. Check your calendar – the International Convention will be held Monday, July 14 - Friday, July 18, 2014 in Chicago, IL. The election of Delegates will be held at the May 27 Union meeting.

For more information about the Convention please visit: or 

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A video released by a right-wing group known as Project Veritas shows Sen. Ellis saying he will raise half-a-million dollars through a Super PAC and coordinate with the group to attack Rep. Penny Bernard Schaber, D-Appleton, who has announced her intention to run for the Senate in November. The fallout from the release of the tape prompted Ellis to decide to retire. Read more >>>

“Act 10 will not stand the test of time.” That was the central report in a speech given by AFSCME Lobbyist Susan McMurray at the 71st Annual Convention of AFSCME Council 40, held in Appleton, Wisconsin on April 4-6. Read more >>>

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